Knowing is good. Knowing everything is better? Class 9d watching "The Circle"

On September 29th, all 9th classes of our school went to the local cinema Casino in Aschaffenburg to watch the up-to-date movie "The Circle" with beautiful Emma Watson and the experienced actor Tom Hanks, as part of our project "Life in the future".
In the movie the 24-year-old Mae Holland (Emma Watson) has a job in the world’s hottest company "The Circle", an internet company that provides all customers with a single internet identity that can handle everything. Mae is falling with enthusiasm into this beautiful new world with its light-flooded offices and high-class restaurants, free concerts and cool parties.
Eamon Bailey, played by Tom Hanks, introduces SeeChange at a company meeting. This initiative uses small cameras that can be placed anywhere to provide real time video. Consequently, with the loss of anonymity, there will be no more “dirt” and crime in the internet and on social networks.
tl_files/Fotos/Englisch/circle/circle_rsh_3.jpgMae becomes a showcase and drives the delusion, everything must be transparent, to the top when she starts wearing a small camera and showing her whole life to the world. Because of her transparency, however, her relationship to her parents, who want to live a private life, is damaged. It is terrible to see when Mae’s best friend Mercer dies: He drives off a bridge, wanting to escape from those “Circlers” who try to find him.
"The Circle" is an exciting movie about what our not-too-distant future maybe will look like and which impact it will have on us. Finally, it was an inspiration for our upcoming project about the topic "Future".

tl_files/Fotos/Englisch/circle/3.jpgWe’d like to say “thank you” to our class teacher Mrs Denecke, who made it possible for our class to watch this thrilling and even partially critical movie.


Nicole Butschazki, Joshua Hoffmann and Tim Lindorfer, class 9d
Nadine Denecke (class teacher)