On a European exchange trip to Turkey (4th - 8th of March 2013): travel reports

Our experience in Adana
by Alisha Mölich and Sevgi Kirkaya (9d)

We had a great time in Turkey. The pupils there were very nice and friendly. We both spent five days in Adana and we stayed with a guest family. Our families were very open and welcoming.

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On Monday we arrived at the airport in the evening. We went to a hotel and met our exchange partners. They took us to their homes.
On Tuesday we went to the school there. There was a big party outside and the school welcomed us. We had to dance with other students there and there was Turkish live music! In the afternoon we had the project meeting. We did presentations about eco-culture. Us girls presented the solar-walk in Alzenau. The boys (Luca, Dominic and Okan) did a presentation about Turkish food in Germany. The presentations were all very interesting.
On the next day we were in Tarsus. It is a city close to Adana and we saw ancient sights there. We had an English-speaking guide. We also went to see beautiful waterfalls. In the afternoon we had free time and went shopping in a shopping centre. We bought some souvenirs there.
On the last day we did a city tour in Adana and we went to the big mosque and to a church. There was a priest in the church who told us about the history of the church. The man said he speaks eleven languages…! That was impressive! On Friday we flew home by plane via Istanbul. We were sad to leave Adana and many people cried when we left.

The week was very interesting for us. We got to know other cultures because we met young people from other countries in Europe: Greece, Poland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Turkey of course. We (Alisha and Sevgi) stayed with two different Turkish families. Because Sevgi speaks very good Turkish she could help us to communicate in Adana. For me (Alisha) it was very difficult in the beginning because no one in my family (with seven children!) could speak English. But I taught my exchange partner Mirhiriban some English.
On the last day we got many presents from our families – for example a top, perfume, sweets and so on. That was a big surprise for us! We also enjoyed the food in Turkey. We ate lots of bread, soup, salad and other Turkish food like kebab.
It was a great time for us and we would go to Adana again! We’ve made some plans to see our guest families again in the future. And when they come to Hösbach next year they will stay with our families.


Travel report: Justin Bieber, dancing and kebab
by Luca Bathon (7f)

Our first day (4.3.13) in Adana was very fun. We came to a great hotel, where we met some Turkish teachers and students. When we welcomed them, we had to kiss them on the cheek. After that we went to our guest families. We drove on streets, which are not really good and there aren’t street rules.
On our exchange trip all the people (teachers and pupils) told me that I looked like Justin Bieber. The guest family we three boys (me, Okan and Dominic) stayed with was great and we stayed in the living-room on sofas together. We had to eat six times a day!! But I only ate two meals a day. It was too much for us! On the next day we went to school and many people wanted to take a picture of us.
There was some music and some girls asked me to dance. I said “no”, but then pupils, who are 19 years old, took me and I didn’t have a chance. Then I danced, but I actually can’t dance!!
In the evening we went to a restaurant with our guest family and ate Kebab. It was a very good time in Adana.