Ahoj in Jindřichův Hradec - Students from Hösbach on an unforgettable trip to Czech Republic

We (Sebastian Braun, class 9d, Carolin Schäffer and Corinna Zang, class 9g and Milena Schöfer, class 9f) started our journey on the 14th of October 2013 at about 9.15 a.m. at the secondary school in Hösbach together with our teachers Mrs Schäfer and Mrs Denecke.

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After six long hours we arrived in Jindřichův Hradec in the Czech Republic. Our Czech host pupils had already been there waiting for us and gave us a very warm welcome. After we had introduced ourselves, we went home with them, had dinner and after some interesting conversations we went to bed. On Tuesday we met at school and at 10 o’clock there was a cultural programme with dancing and pupils who sang some modern and traditional songs. In the afternoon we made a city tour and also the mayor of Jindřichův Hradec invited us and spoke to us. On Wednesday at 9 o’clock there was the project meeting at school. Every country showed a presentation about the topic “Female role”. After that we had lunch and at 2 p. m. we went by train to a very small village called Děbolín and there we painted pottery cups. In the evening we had a small dinner and then we went to a good pub in the city where we talked and sang songs. I drank “Kofola”, which is the Czech coke. It tasted very good. On Thursday we went by bus to the historical city called Český Krumlov, which is a very beautiful city. We visited the stunning Český Krumlov Castle, the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic, and took a lot of photos. After that we went for only one hour to České Budějovice, a big city like Frankfurt am Main. We strolled around and bought some souvenirs. Then we headed back to Jindřichův Hradec and had dinner with our guest families. In the evening we walked to a cocktail-bar and spent our last evening together. After we had exchanged telephone numbers and names for facebook, we walked home and the Czech family gave me a present.Lachend On the next morning we said goodbye to our Czech friends in front of the school and started our journey back home to Germany. All in all we enjoyed a wonderful and very interesting time in Jindřichův Hradec. The friendly atmosphere both in school and the host families helped us to find out more about the life and culture of our European neighbours. Thanks to the European Commission and of course our teachers for having the opportunity to participate in the COMENIUS exchange to the Czech Republic.

Fourth meeting in Czech Republic - Impressions


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Sebastian's interview
Let's get to know the Czech student he stayed with

  1. What’s your name? My name is Vít Marušák.
  2. How old are you? I’m eighteen years old.
  3. What are your hobbies? My hobbies are acting at the theater, playing the saxophone and reading.
  4. What’s your favourite sport? My favourite sport is tennis.
  5. Have you got any pets? Yes, I’ve got a tomcat called “Elvis”.
  6. Do you have a brother or a sister? Yes, I’ve got a younger brother called “Vojtěch”.
  7. How are your parents called and what do they work? My mother is called “Iveta Marušáková” and she is a teacher. My father is called “Radek Marušák” and he is a University teacher.
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  8. Do you like the place where you live? Yes, I like it here because Jindřichův Hradec is a beautiful town and here I’ve got all my friends.
  9. What is your favourite television show and what’s your favourite band? My favourite show is “Stargate” because I like the space and things like that. My favourite band is called “Traband”, it’s a Czech band.
  10. What’s your favourite food? It’s a typical and traditional Czech food. It’s called “Svíčková”.


Carolin's, Corinna's and Milena's interview
Let's get to know the Czech students they stayed with

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  1. Write down your full names, please.Lächelnd  Kateřina Růźićková and Amálie Berková
  2. How old are you? We are 18 years old.
  3. What do you do in your spare time?
    Kateřina: Do nothing on the internet, watch movies, read, or sleep
    Amálie: I love spending time with my family and friends. I like reading and I listen to music a lot. I also spend a lot of time with my dog.
  4. Have you got any brothers or sisters?
    Kateřina: I have two brothers (older and younger).
    Amálie: I’ve got two older sisters.
  5. What is your favourite meal?
    Kateřina: All kinds of pasta
    Amálie: Mom’s Lächelnd and Italian food
  6. What is your favourite drink?
    Kateřina: Coffee
    Amálie: Coffee
  7. What is your favourite subject?
    Kateřina: English and Civics
    Amálie: English, French, Literature and Civics
  8. Have you ever been to Germany?
    Kateřina: Yes, in Berlin
    Amálie: Yes, in Munich and Berlin
  9. In which other countries have you ever been?
    Kateřina: Austria, England, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy
    Amálie: England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria
  10. What do you like in your country?
  11. Kateřina: Big cities (like Prague), people’s diversity, nature
    Amálie: Prague, sights (castles, churches), Czech's cultural heritage (paintings), landscapes and countrysides


Text: Sebastian Braun (9d), Carolin Schäffer, Corinna Zang (9g) and Milena Schöfer (9f)
Fotos: StRin (RS) Cornelia Schäfer, Sebastian Braun, Carolin Schäffer, Corinna Zang
  and Milena Schöfer